Working economically with timber means fostering values over generations and creating them for generations. It is this standard that has gained us at Uddeholmstrip the reputation of producing the best saws in the world.

Our saws have helped shape the world

From shipbuilding by the Dutch in the 17th Century, over the development of the American continent, to the modern wood industry of today, Uddeholmstrip was/is part of it. Wood is a sustainable resource and its importance will grow in the future. Our saws will have a leading role in shaping this future.

Where concrete has been, timber will be
The trends in modern timber construction mean timber construction is experiencing dynamic growth around the world. This is also applying increasingly for high-rise construction. "Woodscrapers" are revitalising traditions of the past with technological possibilities of today. Pagoda structures with up to 19 storeys were constructed in Japan as far back as 1,400 years ago.

Uddeholmstrip has aligned itself for this future
With backing from the voestalpine Group, we are able to control  the quality of our products from raw materials onwards. We are encouraging our customers to think with us "outside the box" and to tread new paths together to reach new goals. 

Flexibility & Reliability
We are able to deliver within the shortest of times and, if required in the smallest of qualities - from one coil having standard dimensions. Our customers benefit from our broad range of dimensions we keep in stock, as well as service representatives in many countries. Whether it be standard variants or custom production, our customers know that they can count on outstanding expertise and reliable quality.
Our saws have helped shape the world-