Working economically with timber means fostering values over generations and creating them for generations. It is this standard that has gained us at Uddeholmstrip the reputation of producing the best saws in the world.

Hard and yet flexible

Quality that unites excellence with reliability. Premium-quality surfaces. Highest dimensional stability. As well as project-specific consultancy and flexible delivery capability. This is what our customers seek, and this is what we give them.

Hard and flexible at the same time
Saws used in the timber processing industry are subjected to continual loading that only the highest calibre of steel is up to. Enormous mechanical pressure and thermal stress at the blade, which the saw body has to absorb day-in day-out continuously. The Uddeholmstrip quality formula ensures that our band saws provide the perfect combination of hardness and flexibility required here:
  • for maximum abrasion resistance
  • for maximum resistance to material fatigue
  • for high levels of elasticity and resilience
Cost-efficient working
Precision planar surfaces in conjunction with unique dimensional stability simplify the alignment of saws – and so mean optimised production costs.
Hard and yet flexible-