voestalpine Precision Strip offers valve steel meeting challenging demands on material properties such as high ultimate tensile strength, flatness, surface finish and steel cleanness - we use our knowledge since decades to produce the world-wide best available quality and this not only once - in every delivery. This is Made in Sweden.

Now, we also supply the finished prototype valves ready to be tested in the compressors right away.


Uddeholmstrip supplies market leading flapper valve steels for compressor valve applications out of our cold rolling mill in Munkfors, Sweden. Our product portfolio consists of a number of well-known and established steel grades that are specifically designed and developed for high-end compressor reed valves.

As a part of the value added services package we offer impact fatigue tests, fracture investigations, XRD measurements of residual stresses and material microstructure examinations to the direct customers and compressor OEM’s.

The flapper valve steel is the most highest precision there is. It is exceptional in its execution, with a superior strength and with a perfect surface finish. It is precision in every step. Our flapper valve steel has been produced in Sweden for decades; perhaps the nordic climate has made us the experts of cold rolling.
Focusing on Details-High quality uddeholmstrip flapper valve steel - made in Sweden
High quality uddeholmstrip flapper valve steel - made in Sweden zoom

Focusing on Details

The flapper valve is the heart of the compressor and during its lifetime, it has to open and close billions of times ithout failure and without maintenance. It places challenging demands on material properties such as high ultimate tensile strength, flatness, surface finish and steel cleanness. The flapper valve is subject to bending as well as impact stresses making the fatigue strength of the hardened steel of highest importance. The properties and the precision manufacturing of the flapper valve steel creates the reliability and performance of the flapper valve – the efficiency and the lifetime of the compressor.

The exacting demands of a flapper valve in operation is our ultimate goal and defines the need for control of the manufacturing process of our steels.
Inspection and selection of raw materials and subsequent operations are carried out with the greatest care and precision.
A uniform and high strength is achieved through accurate and controlled heat treatment.
The superior surface finishing eliminates potentially dangerous scratches and stress raisers.
The flatness delivers the guarantee of perfect valve sealing.
Special inspection lines ensure a consistent and superior quality of strip steel.

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