Working economically with timber means fostering values over generations and creating them for generations. It is this standard that has gained us at Uddeholmstrip the reputation of producing the best saws in the world.

Get the best out of the best.

The first basic rule for perfect products is to use the best raw materials. At Uddeholmstrip, we machine strip steel to the highest quality level. In keeping with our guiding principle: Materialising Excellence.
Just as heartwood provides the highest quality wood from the trunk, the centre of a steel strip provides the highest quality steel. Steel like we at Uddeholmstrip use it for the production of wood band saws.

Material Excellence
A special raw material that we bond with leading metallurgical expertise. The result - high-end saws for outstanding cutting performance and maximum cutting yield.

Efficiency and costs are relevant in the eyes of our customers. Perfection is critical.
It enables us to attain the reliable stress-minimised strip steel for which Uddeholmstrip is renowned the world over. We have developed the formula for converting the best steel into perfect products over generations. And it brings together state-of-the-art cold rolling and high-tech heat treatment with expertise that leaves no detail out.

Uddeholmstrip ØØØ wood band saw steel is available in two steel qualities - for standard applications, as well as with nickel alloy for special requirements and saws >1.2 mm thick.

Quality(C 0.75%) Carbon strip steel
Strenght0.50mm - 1.10mm

UHB 15 N20
Quality(C 0.75%, Ni 2.00%) Nickel strip steel
Strenght1.20mm – 3.05mm