Textile needles

Textile needles satisfy an unremitting task, stitch for stitch - a countless number of times. A material not permitting any fatigue is called for. Uddeholmstrip has teamed up with leading needle manufacturers to develop a new material for this high-performance task - having the highest surface quality and best possible metallurgic structure.
Textile needles

Quality measured - through the eye of a needle

The textile industry requires needles with high fatigue strength and high wear resistance. UHB 20MC1 latch needle steel has been developed in close cooperation with leading needle manufacturers. It is characterized by a high degree of purity, a uniform fine grained structure and ensuring reliability in needle manufacture and good durability after hardening. The needle strip steel has close thickness tolerances to ensure the cross-sectional shape and the needle function.
It has a clean, superior surface finish and precise edges. Consistent quality from batch to batch ensures predictable results for automated needle manufacture.

The purity makes the difference!
Problems during blanking and milling in needle manufacturing are often connected to insufficient spheroidization and uneven carbide dispersion. UHB 20MC1 has been developed to ensure a material structure with fine grained well dispersed and stable carbides that gives the needles excellent wear resistance.


Customer Benefits
  • Best available wear resistance
  • Close thickness tolerances
  • High degree of steel purity
  • Excellent durability after
  • Hardening
  • Consistent and uniform quality
Quality measured - through the eye of a needle-