Precision borne out of nature

Every snowflake is unique and made to precision by nature, free of impurities and absolutely perfect in form. The snowflake as a symbol is synonymous with cold and cooling. Perhaps this is why it is the ideal symbol for the unique and absolutely perfect flapper valve steel from uddeholmstrip.
Precision borne out of nature

Flapper Valve Steel

The Unique Flapper Valve Steel
The flapper valve steel has the highest precision possible to attain. It is exceptional in its execution, with a superior strength and with a perfect surface finish. It is precision in every step. Our flapper valve steel has been produced in Sweden for decades; perhaps the nordic climate has made us the experts of cold rolling.

voestalpine Precision Strip produces flapper valve steel with optimum properties used in refrigeration and freezer compressors, in heat pumps, in air conditioning systems and as well in car coolers. The flatness and surface finish of the flapper valve, which controls the gas flow in a compressor, must be capable of withstanding billions of load cycles. Challenging demands on material properties such as high ultimate tensile strength, surface finish and steel cleanliness apply to both our carbon and stainless valve products. The supreme quality of the strip steel is supported by our top modern production equipment.

Extensive testing and constant research has proven that martensitic hardened and tempered steels constitute the ultimate material characteristics when superior fatigue performance is required. Based upon this reason our valve steel program comprises martensitic steels in both carbon and stainless grades, which meet stringent customer demands.

Customer Benefits
• Perfect fit in the compressor
• Enhanced material properties
• Consistent and reliable quality
• Years of experience
• Service solutions
• Professional technical support
• Partnership development opportunities

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