Keeping to the rules.

Quality in paper manufacturing requires clearly defined rules. Uddehomstrip can offer you two:
Q. and S.

Be the requirement for coated, fine writing paper or high quality tissue paper for kitchen and sanitary facilities. In the paper manufacturing industry, Uddeholmstrip has established itself as a leading partner in attaining quality and efficiency objectives. And provides answers starting with "Q" and "S".
Keeping to the rules.

The Line Concept

A message straight and true

A line is straight, clean and directional. In our blades the concept goes further as it means enhanced blade properties, exceptional straightness, improved performance and a state-of-the-art process.

The “Q” and “S” images represent rotational movement, the dynamic flow process, continuous production and the efficiency of the paper & board machine. A line complemented by our blades. The goal is to match the exactness of the line with
the fluidity of the process.

The Line Concept-